Posted by : Simon Davis Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Sony Xperia Z is not yet released in some countries. But arrive how to root this phone. You can call this smartphone a powerhouse as it’s got a Quad-Core 1.5GHz processor and 2GB of RAM, much more than what you would normally find in Samsung or any other smartphones.

Before rooting Xperia Z:
·         You must have unlocked boot loader of your device. You can do so from here.
·         Backup your data.
·         Ensure your battery has 50% charge.
·         Download these files:
1. Modified Kernel (Download link’s available in the first post)
2. Insecure Kernel (Download link’s given in the first post)
Steps to root Sony Xperia Z:
1.      Extract files from the Fastboot archive to your Desktop. You’ll get fastboot.exe along with some other files.
2.      Plug-in USB cable to your PC but not to your device.
3.      Turn OFF your device.
4.      Reboot the device into Fastboot mode. To do that, simply hold down the Volume UP button and connect the other-end of the USB cable to your device.
5.      Launch a Command Prompt Window on your Desktop. To do so, hold down the Shift button on your keyboard and right-click on any empty area on the screen, then select Open command window here.
6.      Type in following command into the Command Prompt Window:
7.      fastboot flash boot Z_DooMLoRD_CF-Auto-Root-ported_FW-350.img
8.      Next, issue the following command: fastboot reboot
9.      9. Your device should boot up and you’ll get a notification on your screen saying that the device will reboot in 10 seconds.
10.  10. Once the device reboots, unplug it from your PC.
11.  11. Now hard power off your device. To do that, hold down the Power button and the Volume UP button for about 15 seconds.
12.  12. Get your device into Fastboot mode by holding down the Volume UP key and plugging-in the USB cable.
13.  13. Open a Command Prompt Window on your Desktop. It’s simple, just hold down the Shift button on your keyboard and right-click on any empty area on the screen, then choose Open command window here.
14.  14. Issue the following command using Command Prompt Window:
15.  fastboot flash boot Z_DooMLoRD_insecure_FW-350.img
16.  15. Once it’s done, issue the following command:
17.  fastboot reboot
18.  16. Once your device boots up, head over to Google Play and download the BusyBox app.
Now you have successfully rooted your Xperia Z!!!

Disclaimer: Follow the above step to root only Sony Xperia Z. If any damage cause during the rooting process we are not responsible. Also keep in mind rooting will void your device’s warranty.

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